I travelled life’s great plain

Searching looking seeking

Always striving often in vain

For a happiness worth keeping


Happiness will come with success

This lesson was always told

I overcame the strain and stress

For happiness I was going behold


Old friends often forgotten

And loved ones cast aside

Material things I got but then

True happiness seemed to hide


Achievements I attained in plenty

New goals always on my mind

But these all left me empty

As happiness I failed to find


Trying hard to get even more

Straining every sinew to win

Meant lots more stress for sure

And far less happiness within


When thoughts I started to repair

I came to realise and how

Contentment is not when and where

Happiness is here and now


In listening to worldly sounds

Touching nature only to find

That beauty and harmony all abounds

And happiness is a state of mind


Cycling along the lanes of the world

The pressures of work long gone

Happiness is now mine to behold

And this is my life from now on