Camping Tour Clothes List


2 Pair of casual shorts (Never wear cycle shorts so these do for riding and other wear)

2 Pair of underpants (Prefer silk)

2 Cycling Tops (one long and one short sleeve. Prefer Ground Effect tops)

1 Thermal base layer (2 in early Spring and late Autumn)

1 Casual shirt

1 Montane Windshirt.

1 Rab Generator Smock (warmer, lighter and smaller pack-size than a fleece for cold nights on campsites)

1 Cycling leggings (for cycling on cold days or cold nights on campsite)

1 Pair of socks (much of the time I am barefooted)

2 Handkerchiefs


SPD Sandals (these are the only footwear I take as mostly I am barefooted)

Gloves (do not normally ride in gloves these are for cold and wet occasions)



Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof Over-trousers (Cut offs in summer, full length for early spring or late autumn)


Towel (Lifeventure camping towel)

Wash Kit


I do not take a pair of long trousers as I find them unnecessary.